Kähler Bau GmbH

Kähler Bau GmbH

Business Description:

Crafts, Joiners, Brick Layers, Repairing, Building Services, Redevelopment

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Kähler Bau GmbH





Company Head Office:

Kähler Bau GmbH
Rechenmeisterweg 14
257 61


Company displayed in the sections:

Matched veneers

Matched veneers and produced full and frame ones for doors, panel, furniture, inlay ones. Matched veneers in the implementation of sewed by fiber, butt bonding, laser carving, manual matching, longitudal and crosswise to 340 cm. We process veneer with the strength of 0.6 to 2 mm. Venneering by the press.

Wood milling machines

Wood milling machines - EURO SERIES 5 for carpentry small-scale production have a fixed spindle by the type FSN 300F and FSN 300FA ( for machining small and medium parts ). Tilting spindle to 45° by the type FSN 300 and FSN 300A. Wood milling machines can be equipped with a tenoning attachment.

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